Idiyappam (String Hoppers)

Idiyappam, a traditional Kerala breakfast dish, can be included in the group of healthy dishes.  This is my hubby’s favourite breakfast.  Although I used to make it occasionally, I love my co-sister’s preparation.  She used to make soft idiyappams.  Here is her recipe of making soft idiyappams.Ingredients:-

Roasted rice flour (sieved)  2 cups

Water                                      3 cups

Salt                                         to taste

Grated coconut                     1 cup

Oil                                           to grease the plates


Boil the water and add salt.  Remove from fire.  Add the rice flour and stir it well. Allow it to cool down slightly.  When it still warm (cools down slightly)  knead the dough very well until it is soft.   If the dough is not soft, add little more warm water and knead well.  Make lemon-sized balls with this dough and keep aside.

 Grease the idiyappam moulds (idly plates) with little oil. Take idiyappam maker.  Put the small-holed disc in it.   Place the balls of dough into the idiyappam maker. 

Turn the handle of the idiyappam maker clockwise and let the dough in the shape of noodles fall on the moulds.  When the mould is filled sprinkle 1 tbsp of grated coconut on top of the idiyappam.   Repeat this process until all the idli moulds filled.

 Stack the filled idli moulds on the idli stand and steam cook for 10 minutes.   After 10 minutes, remove the idli plates from the steamer and allow it to cool.  After cooling slide the idiyappam from the idly plates on to a serving dish.


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