Pazham Jam (Banana Jam)

Pazham jam is a special Kerala Jam.  We used to make it with Palayam Kodan Pazham which are abundant in Kerala.


Ripe bananas (Palayam kodan Pazham)                     1 kg

Sugar                                                                          500 gms

Water                                                                          4 cups

Cloves                                                                        5 nos.


Peel off banana skin.  Put bananas and water into a pressure cooker,  Water level should be just enough to cover the bananas.  Pressure cook until 2 whistles blow.  Allow it to cool.

When it is cool, pour the cooked bananas along with its water into a clean muslin cloth.  Squeeze the bananas until all the juice came out.  Pour the juice into a thick-bottomed pan.  Add sugar and cook it on high flame stirring in between.  When the jam begins to get boil, reduce the heat and stir it consistently.  Add crushed cloves.  When the jam becomes thread-like consistency remove from fire.  When it is cool store it in a glass bottle.


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