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The honour of your virtual presence is requested at each page of my experiments with cooking.

About nostalgicdelicacies

Nostalgicdelicacies is about sharing easy traditional Indian and International recipes.

About Me

I’m Merin, basically from the land of letters, latex, and lakes(Kottayam, a small town in God’s own country, Kerala).  Now owing to my husband’s job nature I got chance to live in different places of India for the past 15 years.

For most of the Kerala recipes here I am indebted to my dear grandma whom cooking was a great passion and to my dear  Mom.

Other South Indian and North Indian recipes I learned from my dear friends who are in different parts of India (from Kashmir to Kanyakumari).

As the blog’s very name suggests each recipe evokes nostalgic feeelings of the places I lived and the people I came to know.

I started blogging mainly because of  my friends and relatives.  Everytime they drop in they need the recipe.   So, I just started this.

My hubby and my sons encouraged a lot to bring out this.  Most of the photographs were taken by my children.  They are very much interested in putting backgrounds for the photographs and taking snaps whenever I made a good dish for them.

Please try the recipes and leave your comments.  I need your suggestions to improve this blog.  Every time you visit this blog please don’t forget to write down your comments and suggestions.

That’s all.  Happy touring to the land of delicacies.  Enjoy with your family the enchanting colours, devouring smells, and most of all the tasty palate.

Thank you.




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