Whole wheat Atta           2 cups

Sooji (Rava)                      2 teaspoon

Raw rice flour                  2 teaspoon

Warm Milk                       1 cup

Salt                                     to taste

Vegetable Oil                    For frying

Sugar                                 2 teaspoon


Mix together Atta, Rava, rice flour, milk, salt,sugar and knead well.   Add 2 teaspoon vegetable oil to the dough and knead again.

Make lemon-sized balls.  (Make puris immediately after kneading the dough).  Roll out each balls using a rolling pin.

Heat oil in a pan.  Put the rolled puri into it.  Fry until it turns to golden brown.  Pat the puri in between.  It will puff up.  Turn aside and fry.   Take out puri from oil when both sides turn golden brown.  Put them in a strainer to drain excess oil.


French Toast



Eggs                           2 nos.

Milk                             2 cups

Sugar                          2 teaspoon

White bread               12 slices

Cardamom powder            1/4 teaspoon



Beat eggs.  Add and stir in milk, cardamom powder, and sugar.  Heat pan.  Add butter.  Dip the bread slices one at a time into the mixture and allow it to soak for few seconds.  Put soaked bread slices on the pan until it becomes golden bown.  Turn and brown the other side also.  Serve hot.

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