Spring Onion Dosai





Whole wheat Atta           2 cups

Sooji (Rava)                      2 teaspoon

Raw rice flour                  2 teaspoon

Warm Milk                       1 cup

Salt                                     to taste

Vegetable Oil                    For frying

Sugar                                 2 teaspoon


Mix together Atta, Rava, rice flour, milk, salt,sugar and knead well.   Add 2 teaspoon vegetable oil to the dough and knead again.

Make lemon-sized balls.  (Make puris immediately after kneading the dough).  Roll out each balls using a rolling pin.

Heat oil in a pan.  Put the rolled puri into it.  Fry until it turns to golden brown.  Pat the puri in between.  It will puff up.  Turn aside and fry.   Take out puri from oil when both sides turn golden brown.  Put them in a strainer to drain excess oil.

Rice Puttu


Roasted raw rice flour            4 cups

Coconut                                   1 cup (grated)

Salt                                         to taste


Add salt to the rice flour.  Sprinkle water little by little to the flour and mix well.  The final product should be in powdered form, but it should be wet enough for steaming.   Add 1/2 cup grated coconut and mix well.

Add a handful of grated coconut in the puttu maker.  Add the wet rice flour until half, again add another handful of coconut. Again add rice flour, and top of the puttu maker add a handful of grated coconut.  Close the lid and steam for 6 minutes.

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