Wheat Palappam

Try this more healthy variation of traditional palappam.  You can avoid sugar.Ingredients:-

Whole wheat Atta                 2 cups

Coconut Milk                          3 cups

Active dry yeast               1/2 teaspoon

Lukewarm water               3/4 cup

Sugar                                      2 teaspoon

Salt                                         to taste


Dissolve Yeast and sugar in lukewarm water in a glass tumbler and keep it covered for 15 minutes (for rising).

Mix Atta, coconut milk, and dissolved yeast.  The batter should be of pouring consistency.  Keep aside for 6 hours (for fermentation).

Add salt and mix well, keep it for another half an hour.

Heat appachatti.

Pour one ladle of batter, swirl around, and cover with the lid.

Cook it until the center is cooked and sides are browned.

Take it from the pan and serve hot.


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