Avial is a delicious as well as nutritious vegetable dish.  Although I am not very fond  of vegetable curries, avial is one of my favourite dish.  It is one of the side dish in Onam Sadya.


(All vegetables after cutting should be kept in different vessels of water)

Cucumber (peel and cut into cubes)            1 cup

Carrot (peel and cut into cubes)    1 cup

Drumstick            1 no. (cut into 2″ pieces)

Beans             8 nos. (cut into 2″  pieces)

Raw banana  1 no. (cut into pieces)

Raw Mango            1 no (cut into pieces)

Yam                2 cups (cut into pieces)

Bottle gourd  1 cup (cut into pieces)


Turmeric Powder 1/2 teaspoon

Chilly powder       1 teaspoon


Grated coconut            2 cups

Cumin seeds             1 teaspoon

Green chilli                 4 nos

Salt to taste

Coconut oil                 1/4 cup

Curry leaves               2 sprig


 Heat half of the oil in a pan.  Add all the vegetables one by one.  Yam and raw banana should be placed in between, otherwise the colour will change.  Add salt, turmeric, and chilly powder and 1 sprig of curry leaf.  (No need to add water) Cover and bring to boil.  After 10 minutes open the lid, mix all the vegetables.  Keep it on slow fire.

 Grind together coconut, cumin seeds, and green chilly.  Add it over the vegetables.  Cover and cook on high flame.  When the steam started to come on top, remove from fire.  Add the remaining coconut oil and curry leaf.  Mix everything well and serve hot.

 (Note:  You can add 1 cup curd or 5 raw tomatoes, if raw mangoes are not available.  If you are adding curd, add it just before removing from fire).


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