Padavalnga-Parippu (Dal-Bottle Gourd) Erissery


1.            (Parippu)       Moong Dal                  2 cups (pressure cooked)

2.            Padavalanga (bottle gourd)             2 cups (cut into small pieces)

Salt                                                     1 tsp

Water                                                  2 cups


3.         Grated coconut                      2 cups
Cumin seeds                         1 tsp
Garlic pods                            1 no
Turmeric powder                       1/2 tsp

Green chillies                          3 nos


3.         For seasoning
Ghee                                       1 tbsp
Mustard seeds             1 tsp

Button onion                           3 nos
Dry red chillies                         3 nos
Curry leaves –                       1 sprig



Cook padavalanga along with salt.  Add cooked dal to it.  Grind coconut, cumin, green chillies, button onion, and garlic to a paste.  Add turmeric.  Add it to the dal and padavalanga and bring to boil.


Season with mustard and curry leaves and pour it into the Erissery.


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