Chilly Mushrooms

Ingredients :-

1.         Button Mushrooms                          200 gms

2.         Egg                                         1 no (optional)

Onion chopped                    1/2
Ginger paste                          1 tsp
Garlic paste                          1 tsp
Green Chillies chopped         4 nos.
Soya Sauce                         2 tbsp
Pepper Powder                     2 tsp
Ajinomotto                              a pinch
Corn flour                                1 cup


Salt – to taste

3.            Capsicum diced – 1/2
Spring Onion greens chopped

Coriander leaves chopped

4.         Oil                               –  2 cups (for frying)


Clean and dice mushrooms.  Beat egg and add onion, ginger,garlic, green chillies, mushrooms, soya sauce,salt,ajinomotto, pepper powder, cornflour and water enough to make it a thick paste.  Heat oil in a pan and fry this in oil and keep aside.

Saute capsicum, spring onions, and coriander leaves and garnish the fried mushrooms with it.

Serve hot.


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